SNCF certifies Geismar’s new electric rail saw

Ergonomic, quiet and safe, the new rail saw designed by Geismar belongs to the innovative Activion® systems electrically-powered solutions range launched in 2018. Its certification by the SNCF means that it can now be commercialized for use on railway networks throughout France.

Both ecologically sound and robust, the Activion® systems lineup comprises a comprehensive range of electric solutions, from rolling stock to portable tooling. In the latter category, the originality of the concept lies in the use of a single battery module capable of powering several portable devices.

The electric rail saw has been designed to simplify operations while taking care of both the environment and the well-being of operators and local residents.

Currently the flagship product of this new range, it has been thoroughly field tested by SNCF operators. Appreciated benefits include the elimination of aggressive noise, reduction of vibration levels that can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, and ease of use. The battery charges in approximately 2h30 and has an operating autonomy of six cuts and generates zero pollution at the worksite.

Lastly, its built-in safety mechanisms make it possible to mitigate the accident risk and protect the operator against possible handling errors.

A solution that combines performance, reliability and durability.

Homologation de la tronçonneuses sur batterie Geismar