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Track and turnouts laying solution for tilting wagon


  • Accurate
  • Multifunction
  • Powerful

Portable battery-powered tamping machine


  • Battery
  • Ecological
  • Urban transit

Track welding road-rail vehicle

Flash Wizard – V2R

  • High performance
  • Remote controlled
  • Traceability

Track geometry & switch geometry digital measuring and recording portable trolley


  • Accurate
  • Lightweight
  • On board computer

Catenary motorized road-rail elevator


  • High output
  • High performance
  • Mobile

Rail profile grinder

Metal Hornet – MP12-270

  • Accurate
  • High performance
  • Lightweight


As a long standing progress player within the railway sector, we continuously aim to improve our range of services. Our Customer Service Department strives to collaborate with and support our customers in all aspects of their ventures worldwide. We have also established an entire range of specialized services focused on high level technicality. Our global engineers provide their know-how as well as their technical and industrial experience to enhance our Technical Support Team. Their proactiveness, market knowledge and professionalism are a few of their many assets. Discover our services and skills in the respective categories.


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For almost a century, teams from Geismar have been bringing their pride and passion to the development of rail transport. Geismar designs and produces solutions for the laying, maintenance and monitoring of railway tracks and overhead lines. As railway industry specialists, we are present all over the world, wherever there are rail networks – and that means conventional, urban and high-speed. We have the technological know-how and industrial base necessary to meet our partners’ specific requirements and to deliver on all of their projects.


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