Wizard road-railer range

Fresh out of the plant in Beaufort, South Carolina, USA, the first road-rail vehicle in the new Wizard range developed by Geismar was shipped to Denver, Colorado, after successfully passing factory acceptance tests that confirm the product’s proper operation and compliance within the technical specifications.

This innovative new range, developed specifically for the growing needs of the U.S. market, ensures the safety of operators while effectively conducting operations in all configurations and construction conditions, thanks to its bogie-powered technology. Its field of action is large, from track works in all seasons to catenary installation and bridge and viaduct inspections.

The perfect chemistry between safety and performance

Infographic Wizard road-railers range

Called Air Wizard, this ultra-stable truck is specially adapted for the maintenance of light rail transit catenary lines. Its hydrostatic transmission guarantees powerful forward and reverse travel at the same speed allowing the transit to address the short work windows they have.  Finally, thanks to its multi-directional platform, the vehicle can carry and move loads up to 1 ton with ease, even in strong winds.

The remarkable performance of this truck, as efficient on rail as on the road, makes it the ideal product for maintenance work in the transit market.

Air Wizard road-rail