Geismar’s new laying solution tested by Polish railways

Geismar has recently successfully completed full-scale tests of its new technology: the track switch laying gantry. These tests were conducted on site in Krakow at the request of its customer KZN, the Polish track switch manufacturer, appointed by Polish railways.

Combined with a caterpillar-driven track switch transport system, the gantry is a new generation of laying solution for the unloading and installation of track switches from tilting wagons; items of equipment which enable the pre-manufactured track switches to be transported to and moved onto the worksite.

This new high-performance and economical method, for which all the equipment needed is offered by Geismar, not only makes it possible to perform all the operations on a single track but also allows the time for which traffic is interrupted to be kept to a minimum.

Guaranteeing both the safety of operators and a high level of productivity, it is particularly suited to meeting the development needs of the rail industry in countries like Poland, which is currently undertaking a very large investment program to modernize its network.