Geismar’s expertise is available to the US market

Geismar has just delivered its first bi-mode track motorcar that has been manufactured on North American soil. It was manufactured at the Beaufort plant in South Carolina which was inaugurated a year ago. This track motorcar is designed for catenary maintenance works on the New York urban transit network.

It is associated with the latest innovative Activion systems range. This range caters to the safety and comfort of its users, the environment and is designed to facilitate operations. As a result of its electric transmission mode, it saves up to 26.400 gallons of fuel per year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution.

This success marks the beginning of a series of accomplishments that will reinforce Geismar’s priceless contribution to substantial projects by its partners in the urban railway market. A market in which the company is already well established.

Geismar - Activion Track Motorcar

Geismar draisine, Bimode transmission electrique - news

Geismar draisine, Bimode transmission electrique - news