Geismar, a key partner for the UK rail network

Geismar recently completed delivery of 58 road-rail vehicles to Network Rail. This is the largest ever signed contract for road-rail vehicles in the UK, as part of the nation-wide vehicle fleet renewal programme initiated by the operator of the UK rail network.

Used to carry out OHL inspection and maintenance in the national network, these vehicles have been designed and manufactured so as to be precisely adapted to the requirements of the network.

Once certification was secured and the UK railway regulatory compliance phase successfully completed, a dedicated project organization was put in place together with specific production lines necessary to cater for the scale of the project.

By sharing production between Geismar sites in Lyon and Northampton, the required cadences were achieved, and project deliveries were able to proceed on time.

Building on this British success and the know-how demonstrated in design and manufacture of this type of equipment, Geismar is continuing to strengthen its presence worldwide, in particular by addressing key global urbanization challenges. In the United States, several orders for its new range of road-rail vehicles have already been placed. Manufactured in its Beaufort South Carolina-based facility, the vehicles are tailored to the specific needs of this market. There is growing interest too in Asia and Europe for new-energy road-rail vehicles that bring benefits both for the well-being of operators and the protection of the environment.