The VPS NEO is off to a strong start!

50% more power but still as light as ever, the VPS NEO is off to a strong start!

Geismar teams have been actively working to design a powerful and reliable portable tamper, that remains lightweight (< 20 kg in operational conditions) and has low hand/arm vibration.

VPS NEO for powerful tamping in a lightweight design

The VPS NEO is equipped with a 1.47 kW Honda 4-stroke engine type GX50.

This latest generation engine can work in all orientations.

The VPS NEO is equipped with an exclusive patented engine air deflector to ensure optimal and long-lasting performance

The new air deflector channels the air away from the operator and prevents the hot air from being drawn back into the engine. This keeps the oil temperature within the standards required by Honda.

Engine cooling fresh air flow
Engine cooling hot air flow
Fresh air flow sucked in by venturi
Air flow diverted and channelled
The VPS NEO  is equipped as standard with an hour counter/revolution counter for easy maintenance
Housse de transport du vibrateur portatif Geismar VPS NEO The portable tamper is also supplied with a carrying case
It has undergone rigorous testing on the most demanding construction sites and has been approved by the SNCF.