VIGILIS | the new Geismar range of light vehicles

VIGILIS is a new range of light rail vehicles, dedicated to personnel transport, tool transport, infrastructure inspection and track measurement.


The lightest motorised trolley in the range, the VIGILIS 100 can transport up to 4 people as well as a trailer with a payload of 1 ton

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Equipped with a reversing system and a spacious cabin, the VIGILIS 200 can transport up to 7 people

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Véhicule d'inspection de la voie - VIGILIS 300


With its on/off track system and powerful LED headlights, the VIGILIS 300 is the ideal vehicle for day and night inspections

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The VIGILIS 400 ensures fast and accurate inspection and recording of track parameters up to a speed of 50 kph

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Véhicule de transport - de mesure et d'auscultation de voie - VIGILIS 400
This new range of VIGILIS vehicles adapts to your personnel transport needs and measures track parameters while controlling your investments.