Runner Wizard, guest star at InnoTrans 2022

Given its world premiere at the long-awaited return of InnoTrans – world’s leading railway trade fair – Geismar’s lightweight utility road-rail vehicle left nobody unmoved. The synergy between compactness, efficiency, and robustness certainly had something to do with it! In case you didn’t get the chance – as our visitors did – to come aboard and enjoy its versatility and ease of use, let’s have a quick look together at Geismar’s new-born road-railer.


Runner Wizard road-railer by Geismar showcased at InnoTrans 2022, Berlin

Allied to on-site operators

Designed for personnel and lightweight equipment transportation on site, this vehicle is equally at ease on the road and on track thanks to its 4-wheel drive and hydraulic twin axle drive system. Small but sturdy, its pulling and propelling power gives it a great towing capacity, whether you’re talking about specific measuring equipment or a trailer as heavy as almost 1t on the road and 3.5t on rails. It’s not afraid of confined areas, as its fuel-efficient engine adopts the latest Tier 4 Final emission standard, the strictest EPA standard for vehicles in its class. Thus, providing the best possible protection for the environment, air quality and operators’ health.
Of course, no one’s comfort’s left behind as the fully glazed cab can accommodate up to 6 people and is equipped with several comfort and assistance systems such as heating, demisting and on-board cameras. In addition, it offers a very comfortable view of surroundings for easy track inspections. Runner Wizard thus completes Geismar’s commitment to improving on-site personnel working conditions and team efficiency, and in turn optimises the investment.


Complementing Activion® battery-powered equipment

Ideal partner of Activion® lightweight equipment, Runner Wizard has been developed from day one to optimise the transportation of the high-performance battery powered range. This means, for instance, that a Moray ballast tamper or a Shark rail saw can be immediately available to use on arrival at the site. The fully adjustable and easily accessible rear loader with a maximum load capacity of 450 kg makes access easy. In short, Runner Wizard really is a serious asset in smoothing the logistics and methodology of using electric rail equipment on site.



In an exclusive partnership with Kawasaki, Geismar based its Runner Wizard on reliable and proven technology that has enabled the vehicle to pass all functional and safety tests hands down. It is already available for sale and has already been certified to UK railway standard RIS 1530 PLT-6.
Furthermore, a road-rail trailer specifically designed for the Runner Wizard is already in final development stage, ensuring a bright future for this turnkey transport and inspection solution.


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