Ferromex | increased confidence in GEISMAR for the development of rail transport in Mexico

As the leading private manager and operator of the rail network in Mexico for the transport of freight (ore, chemicals, agri-food products) between the United States and the Mexico’s main strategic industries and ports, Ferromex (Ferrocarril Mexicano) has strengthened its confidence in GEISMAR technologies by investing massively in small machines to maintain the tracks. This is a great reward for the GEISMAR North America subsidiary, which has had a close relationship with Ferromex for many years.

Ferromex Network (source: www.ferromex.com.mx)


Field demonstration of machines is always trendy!

Continuing the good commercial relations between GEISMAR North America and Ferromex that have existed for many years, special support has been given in recent weeks in the field of GEISMAR portable technologies. In addition to the performance of portable thermal track maintenance machines such as the MP23 grinders and MTZ lightweight rail saws have seduced the decision-making teams at the headquarters in Mexico City as well as the technical teams in Guadalajara City.

In addition, our GEISMAR employees in Mexico were invited by Ferromex’s railway engineers to participate in a working group on one of their issues related to geometry measurement and track inspection. In this context, the support of the GEISMAR UK – GEMS division, competent in the design and manufacturing of track measurement technologies, was decisive. The recent realizations of GEISMAR bogie measuring track motor cars, in action on the Australian railway networks with Queensland Rail and Belgian with Infrabel, have also reinforced our technical expertize.

Efforts rewarded

GEISMAR North America has been chosen to provide more than half of the 2020 annual budget in small complementary track maintenance machines such as:

  • the high-performance thermal rail saw MTZ
  • the ultra-light thermal rail drilling machine PRZ
  • the hydraulic rail drilling machine PRH2
  • the high-performance thermal coachscrewing machine TS2

More than just an equipment supplier, GEISMAR is now seen as an essential partner for the maintenance of rail networks and at the same time for the development of Mexican economic exchanges.

Further good business prospects are in the pipeline for track geometry measuring devices, ultrasonic track inspection systems as well as for KGT hi-rail excavators and accessories.