EMERALD | the latest track measurement module towable by a vehicle

The new GEISMAR EMERALD track parameter measurement module is an ideal asset for track inspection and safety. Towed by a light rail vehicle or a road-rail vehicle, it allows to moderate investments by completing the existing inspection equipment fleet while bringing simplicity, performance and ergonomics to the measurement. Recently well welcomed in Canada, the EMERALD is starting to be talked about in other parts of the world.

Have you ever tried and adopted the AMBER electronic ruler to measure track parameters? If so, you will adopt the new EMERALD measurement module recently tested on Canadian railways.

Imagine yourself comfortably in your hi-rail pickup. In addition to inspecting and transporting material, your objective is to control and measure a critical section of your network. You then quickly reach the point of intervention by road. Once you reach the track you would line the truck up with the track, lower the hi-rail and move off the crossing. Where you would then lower the Emerald onto the track, connect the tow bar, and antenna and connect the Emerald with the PDA via Bluetooth, set up a job on the PDA. You are now ready to move up to 20 km/h on the tracks while viewing and recording the various parameters of the track:

  • Gauge
  • Crosslevel
  • Twist
  • Warp
  • Travelling distance

By geographic location, you analyze the characteristics of your tracks by monitoring in real time when tolerance thresholds are exceeded by means of audible and visual alerts. You have the possibility to record the measurements of up to 4000 km on only 1 GB of memory ( at a sampling rate of 8 points per meter).

Reducing the presence of operators on the tracks, the EMERALD is therefore a solution that improves safety conditions while accurately measuring track parameters. Compact and ergonomic, it will allow you to better understand your rail network while complementing the uses of your rolling stock. In particular, it is compatible with products designed and manufactured by GEISMAR factories:

According to the references of your vehicle to be equipped and the approvals, we can also study your request. Options are offered to you, such as a positioning surveillance camera, magnetic rear lights or a SplitzLift crane to position the EMERALD on the vehicle box. In accordance with local road constraints, the rear gauge of the vehicle is not a problem. You can then quickly reach your rail network via the freeway and save precious intervention time!

By modulating your investments, the EMERALD is your ally to upgrade your existing equipment and gain versatility. Recently, networks in Brazil, Australia and the United States have shown interest in this new solution from the GEISMAR measurement range.