Convert your combustion-engine machines to electric with the AGX kit

Geismar has been developing portable combustion-engine machines for several decades, renowned for their robustness and proven reliability. This large fleet of combustion-engine machines currently in operation as well as today’s environmental challenges have pushed Geismar to develop an innovative solution for conversion to electric power.

AGX - Tirefonneuse

The AGX electrical conversion kit is a turnkey solution for Geismar coachscrewing machines and rail grinders. Compatible with the Activion battery used on the entire range of portable machines, this retrofit kit is above all :

  • An ideal solution for an eco-friendly electric conversion;
  • The promise of an intuitive replacement of the original petrol engine with our AGX motor onto an already existing machine;
  • Conversion can be done directly in your workshop.


AGX infographie ENG


Many benefits:

An economically balanced solution

Allowing for a staggered conversion of already owned equipment, this solution provides all the benefits of a battery powered machine to meet specific needs, while cutting out petrol engine related constraints (easier start-up, low maintenance costs, etc.).

A powerful solution

Super quiet, the AGX motor offers the same performance as a petrol engine while keeping the same operational procedures, so no further training is required. In addition, it uses the same battery as all Activion products, ensuring optimal interoperability.

An environmentally friendly solution

With emission free in operation, the retrofit conversion provides a functional upgrade of the existing machine extending its lifetime and that of its spare parts and actively contributing to the global effort toward a more sustainable railway industry.


Which machines are compatible?

The AGX engine has been developed to allow full compatibility with machines equipped with Honda GX 200 and GX 270 engines. Among these machines, the Bolt Hornet TC type coachscrewing machines and the Metal Hornet MP12 and MP12 NEO type rail grinders, which are among the most popular solutions used by our customers worldwide, are the first to benefit from this upgrade. Compatibility with other equipment is under development and will expand the range of machines compatible with the Activion battery.



What does the AGX kit contain?

AGX Kit contains everything necessary to its installation, including the AGX motor itself, a power cable, a remote engine stop switch, its adaptation hub and a single-battery tray (battery is not included).


The AGX retrofit solution completes our electrical offer, which is already based on a single ergonomic battery that is compatible with all our equipment. It will allow you to implement progressive electrification strategies.